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About Our Parent Company

WiredIn SEO is part of Focus Internet Services, a Las Vegas, NV based company who has been offering digital marketing services for more than 12 years. The reason WiredIn SEO was formed was to give customers a more streamlined understanding of search engine optimization programs, and what they offer. Effective SEO is hard to come by, and is a process that must be developed over time. Programs will most always need to be custom-created for each business, as the specifics of that business and competition is different in every case. Focus Internet Services utilizes a wide variety of digital marketing techniques to achieve their goals, including social media posting and development, video creation for YouTube and Tik Tok, high-end website development of ecommerce systems and platforms as well as other experimental techniques. At the core of their business model has always been search engine optimization, and achieving the rankings that customers need in order to gain new customers. 

WiredIn SEO and Focus Internet Services are the same business, and ultimately use the same team and techniques to achieve customer goals. You will have a wealth of experience behind your project, and can rest assured that we are the best at what we do. 

For information on Focus Internet Services, you can click here: Las Vegas SEO

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