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What Is Local Las Vegas SEO?

“SEO” is the acronym for “search engine optimization.” It describes a process by which the rankings on search engines are manipulated to the benefit of a specific website. These positions are called “search engine ranking positions” or “SERPS” and they are generated when a person searches for something specific. Statistics show that almost 85% of decisions that are made by customers as far as products or services that they purchase start online, mostly on search engines. It means that someone wants to buy flowers from a shop located nearby them in the Las Vegas area, so they go on Google and search for “Las Vegas florist” in order to get a list of shops in their area. They then click through those listings to view the websites for the businesses and make a decision to buy or not. Statistics show that around 55% of people using a search engine will click only on the first result they are shown, 25% will click on the second, 12% will click on the third and so on. Each position down essentially cuts the amount of clicks in half, and by the time you are at the bottom of the first page of results less than !% of potential customers will click. This is why it is so critical to be on the first page, and mostly in the top three. These are the businesses that are making money from Google.

Just having a website does not get you rankings on the first page. It will generally get you positioned somewhere deep in the results, where nobody bothers to click. For all of these businesses, having a website might be fine for telling existing customers what your address and phone number is, but it is not getting you new business. In order to get new customers using Google as a marketing method, you need to either be presented in these top results or you need to pay for ads. Because ad positions are decided by the business who pays the most, they get very expensive. All of the businesses who are not ranking organically are competing by trying to pay more for the ads. This drives up the prices and makes it very difficult to make any profit when you sell to them.

Organic rankings are developed using a process of content, links and code improvement. Your website code may be creating a slow website, or one that does not look right on a mobile phone. SEO works to correct those problems in order to have a good foundation. Sometimes this may involve small tweaks to image sizes and code, and other times it will need a full redesign. This kind of thing is generally done in the first month of SEO. After that point, SEO becomes “content oriented.” Google looks for websites that answer questions that people are asking, so we create content on your website that answers those questions. An example of this might be “who is the best SEO company in Las Vegas?” Naturally, the answer is WiredIn SEO! We create content that is at least 500 words in length and is created from scratch by US authors. We do not outsource content creation to other countries as they cannot do as good a job with writing for English-speaking customers as American authors can. The content is unique and answers questions or provides information on a topic that we are trying to rank higher for. This same type of content is created for positioning on other websites that link back to yours as well. This is “link building,” which is also critical to the process of ranking higher. It shows that other websites are providing good information on a topic, but if you want the best information you need to click through to ours. That is how we convince Google that we are the authority on a topic, and Google moves us up higher as a result. The more authority you show, the higher your rankings go.

The “localization” of the SEO process means that we are modifying the phrases we are targeting to include a city or region like Las Vegas. Localization is important for businesses that serve the local community and not a worldwide audience. Instead of competing with every florist in the world, we are just competing with the ones in Las Vegas, which gives us a far better chance of ranking higher. We utilize local aspects of Google as well as local directories and websites to accomplish this goal, in addition to localizing the content we are producing.

If you would like to hear about how we can help your Las Vegas business to gain new customers using Google, contact us at 702-767-4627.

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